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That's not a bad translation, although it may sound too neutral to convey the original idea. A pleasant surprise can be unexpected, does that make it dukkha? No. Another word I can think of, along the similar lines, is simply "wrong" in the sense of "not supposed to be this way". I feel that's closer to the connotation of the Sanskrit/...


I generally translate dukkha as 'discontentment' which captures the dual ideas that: something is not as the self expects, and... the self is not happy with that unwanted circumstance. 'Being unexpected' implies (in English, at least) a sense of surprise that doesn't necessarily pertain. One can be discontent with the fact that a given meal tastes bad, but ...


Dukkha isn't a state of "being" something (e.g. "being unexpected") -- instead, dukkha is "made" (or it's a state of "making" something) -- that is taught in the second Noble Truth.


Doctor Conte a psychologist said there are 2 types of people in this world. People with issue (duḥkha) Dead people (no issue) He studied Buddhism Zen if i am not mistaken. He has many videos to share how to deal with this suffering or issues too.

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