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In which ways do anagamis still experience ignorance?

According to MN 9 (below), as long as you still have fermentation or effluents, you would still have ignorance, and vice versa (also see this question). Ignorance is a very deeply ingrained and deeply ...
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In which ways do anagamis still experience ignorance?

Ignorance as the last fetter is merely a broad fetter including any type of attachment or self-view that still may arise. For example, the life of the anagami may be threatened with deadly violence ...
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In which ways do anagamis still experience ignorance?

The one sutta that came to mind regarding your request had neither avijja nor anagami, but I think it may have an answer to your question according to my reading of the sutta: In S​N​22.89, we read ...
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What is path and fruition?

But what is the attainment of path? How would one describe rightly the attainment of the path? The path to nibbana has four steps as you mentioned stream entry, once returner, non returner, ...
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Can someone give references of the four stages of enlightenment in the four major Nikayas?

It appears in many sutta of many nikāya. The Example Sutta Pitaka Vol 1 : Sutta. Tī. Sī Mahālisuttaṃ: ‘And what, Sir, may those other things be?’ ‘In the first place, Mahāli, a brother by the ...
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Can a arahant recognize the spiritual attainment of others?

Depending on our freedom from delusions, we can recognize conditions of equal or lesser purity. It's like looking through glass: if other's glass is dirtier, you can see that, but if it's cleaner, ...
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