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Why is there no attention aggregate?

Read Name and Form and Rupa. The form is built by Rupa.The form is some collection of Rupa. Why is attention not one the aggregates? It is. From your quote, And what, bhikkhus, is name-and-form? ...
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Why is there no attention aggregate?

Good question. So by that logic you should also ask why there is no phassa aggregate. My logic : The reason attention is not aggregate is because it is tools to bring Nama and rupa closer. No ...
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Why is there no attention aggregate?

My understanding is that it's because attention is present kamma, the type of kamma where you have a high degree of freedom to choose and which can be either skillful or unskilful. The aggregates are ...
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What happens to consciousness/awareness when entering Paranirvana?

The easiest way to understand this problem is by recalling that the Buddha clearly describes his awareness, and the awareness of all arahants, as freed and dissociated from death, from the aggregates, ...
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