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Is it necessary to study Abhidhamma?

If you enjoy beating your head against a brick wall, then abhidhamma might be for you. Abhidhamma came a hundred years or so after the Buddha died. If the Buddha thought it was important and ...
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Conventional versus Ultimate

I suggest that a thorough account of the history of this distinction regarding language - the 'conventional' and 'ultimate' distinction - should take into account a rarely discussed sutta found in the ...
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Why are Concepts not Impermanent?

the way in which the question is formulated is non-sense. concepts are mental constructs, sankhara. and all constructs, material and mental, are impermanent, sabbe sankhara anicca. from a buddhist ...
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What is mainly uncovered by Analyzing Causes? Anicca or Dukkha or Anatta?

When anicca is seen so is dukkha and anatta. From SN 22.59 What do you think, mendicants? Is form permanent or impermanent?” “Impermanent, sir.” “But if it’s impermanent, is it suffering or ...
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