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What are examples of identity-view?

Identity view (sakkāya-diṭṭhi) is the first of the ten fetters. The "eradication" of identity-view is important towards enlightenment. Presumably, "eradication of identity-view" is ...
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Doubting the quick attainments of the Mahasi Tradition

I have noticed that a lot of Mahasi practitioners seem to reach sotopanna very quickly. What is the difference from other methods of Buddhist Meditation and the Mahasi Method, relative to the apparent ...
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Questions About Views in Buddhism

I have looked at a list of some wrong-views in Buddhism, and I'm somewhat confused about the meaning of the notion of 'view' [ditthi]. In Buddhism, what does it mean to hold a view? 1) I ask this ...
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If consciousness is a Reification, how does a Buddha attain the Truth?

'Reification' is making something real, bringing something into being or making something concrete. The Pali suttas say about the relationship between consciousness and wisdom/enlightenment: ...
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What is a 'pernicious' wrong belief?

Under six major wrong doings (Abhithanani) in Buddhism, (i. matricide, ii. patricide, iii. the murder of arahants (the Consummate Ones), iv. the shedding of the Buddha's blood, v. causing schism in ...
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Did the Buddha ever refute the view of "extreme metaphysical nihilism" e.g. a view that "nothing is real"?

Important note: I am only using the word "real" only in the sense of meaning "exists and is not an illusion". I am defining "extreme metaphysical nihilism" as the belief that "nothing is real". I ...
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How to deal with people giving reviews to the teaching?

I recently asked a question here and like always some good friends helped me, Their references were right on point and they referred the correct Sutras and i'm forever thankful for that. But when i ...
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