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3 answers

Woman touch Buddha

q: Can a woman touch a Buddha? And if so, what would happen, how would the Buddha react?
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Arahants and exersise

Q: Would an arahant get physically exausted if he/she was to exersise, like if they were to run 5 miles? Would this in anyway shake their mind?
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3 answers

A Problem in Need of an Answer

Through many of Yuttadhammo's videos and accesstoinsight, I have learned a vast amount of knowledge on the Buddha's teachings. But I feel like I am causing myself problems. 1) I keep on questioning ...
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5 answers

Why have I awoken Now?

I am riddled by this question lately and it necessary for my progress on path of Dhamma. My question is, why is it that in this life time I have became obsessively bent to attain nibbana while ...
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What is meant by setting the "wheel" of Dharma in motion?

Namo Buddhaya. At many places in the texts it is said that the Buddha had set the wheel of dhamma in motion and that it can not be rolled back by anyone. This sutta is devoted to the understanding of ...
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