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How do you talk to someone whose loved one is dying?

What can you say to someone whose loved one (e.g. spouse or parent) is dying? Assume if you can that in the West, e.g. Europe and America, although people (strangers) might have heard the first thing ...
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Hypocrisy of Buddhism

Aren't Buddhists (with Buddhist I refer to an ideal Buddhist or Buddhists monk) actually not doing enough to prevent harm in this world? So, Buddhists don't have any attachment to things and work ...
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What is Hardcore (Pragmatic) Dharma?

I've come across this term recently and have seen quite a few opinions and definitions. My understanding is that it is actually a hardcore Theravada movement that is in some ways a conservative ...
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Dharma without Karma?

I simply ask myself rather one could make sense of the Dharma and apply it without the concepts of rebirth and kamma? Though for me it is my personal approach to the Dharma, which i find to be ...
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