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How Buddhism promotes and interacts with related to physical and mental well being. Can relate to illness, stress or difficulties in personal relationships.

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Is moderate drinking acceptable in Buddhism?

I have heard a certain interpretation of the 5th precept and I'm curious about it, the person said that for lay people the 5th precept means "not drinking alcohol to the point you get intoxicated or ...
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Physical Exercise as a Monk?

Is a monk allowed to exercise the body in order to keep it fit and healthy? I reckon both 'healthy' and 'fit' as attachments, but is there an overall rule/teaching that explains this?
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Health Risks of Meditation?

One hears a lot about the benefits of meditation; everything from calming yourself and lowering your blood pressure to working towards purifying your mind and finding freedom from suffering. Even as a ...
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Giving up bad friends

The Buddha has spoken many times about giving up bad friends, we can find it in the Dhammapada, in the beautiful Maha Mangala Sutta and many other places. My first point is: If we abandon bad friends,...
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Buddhism and terminal illness

Even in my limited knowledge on Buddhism, it makes sense to see a connection between a terminal illness (like cancer) and previous negative karma. Is there a Sutta where Buddha talks about this ...
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Am I condemned for an extramarital affair?

A long time ago I had a romantic relationship with a married woman, and later I regretted. How is this seen in Buddhism?
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Should a Buddhist advocate the learning of a martial art?

I'm listening to a lecture series about child development and in the first lecture it advocates teaching children martial arts as an aid to enhancing their self-control. I would quite like my daughter ...
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What is zen sickness?

I was reading that the Zen monk Hakuin suffered a debilitating condition called zen sickness before his enlightenment. This seem to be a direct result of his practice. Does anyone know what this was? ...
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Buddhist practice and physical exercises

What is the right mindset we should have towards physical exercises according to buddhist practice ? e.g. Weight training , cardio , running etc. In my case I'm spending most of my day sitting at ...
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Can meditation cause you to sleep less?

Over the last few months I've started meditating late on a night (as well as my usual morning practice). I'm finding that I am sleeping less but not feeling tired because of it. Is there any ...
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What does buddhism say about bodybuilding (and weights training)?

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are making us stronger and more manliness, body can produce more testosterone and we're generally healthier. Yes, there are some bad things about this like anabolics or ...
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Can I ordain if i have psoriasis?

Is one able to be ordained if they have psoriasis? It's similar to eczema but not identical? Will this vary depending on where you go to ordain? Thank you.
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Are Buddhists happier than average?

Has anyone ever tried to measure happiness of Buddhist practitioners and compare it in a scientific or analytically way to other religious groups or the population as a whole? If there are studies ...
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Life testament, illness and Buddhism

I would like to ask a question about ones last will and how buddhism views that. In Denmark where i live we have an option called a "life testament". In here there are 2 options that will be taken ...
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Can one with eczema become a monk?

According to this site, one of the questions asked at ordination is "do you have eczema?" to which the reply must be "No, Venerable" in order to ordain. Is this accurate? Is it the case the one with ...
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