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Is the human realm the only one where conscious moral choice is possible?

In this page's explanation of the six realms of existence the human realm is presented as below, it reads a bit off. Is it not possible, for example in the heavenly realm, to make a good choice and ...
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Did the Buddha said that there is no self there is no soul?

In this article, the writer of the article claims, purports or alleges that Bhikkhu Thanissaro and Bhikkhu Bodhi state that the Buddha NEVER said that there was no self. The Buddha NEVER said that ...
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Is there any volition or will that I can manage or control?

In Buddha's teachings, all mind-related entities are "not-self" i.e.: uncontrollable (opposite of controllable = when I want it I can make it happen, I can turn it on and off as I desire) ...
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What is volition?

This is a third attempt at formulating a question. This question and this question have been asked, but not formulated in a way that conveyed the question. So now, in a third attempt, the ...
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What allows to make a choice

For example, the body has the choice to walk on path A or B. Before the body starts walking, there must be thoughts of path A and B. There must also be a (mental?) decision/choice made to walk on one ...
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As a disciple of the Supreme Buddha, what would you do with an animal that is in severe pain?

You may get to see someone or an animal is sick and suffering in pain. You may be able to give that person or animal a medicine that helps relieve the pain somewhat. But sometimes there’s so much pain ...
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Do thoughts create karma?

This question is about a very specific situation, but there might hopefully be a more general answer. We've had conflicts at work, to the extent that we had to get a psychologist help us! There are ...
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Unconscious intention?

Sometimes we do thing intentionally sometimes unintentionally. But is there such thing such as unconscious intention in Buddhism (Theravada)?
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Is one intention better than the other?

Intention that is good will have a good result and bring happiness, bad intention will have a bad result and suffering as a result. But many things have been experienced in life, one thing can be ...
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