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Should we use honorifics when referring to monks?

First of all "Sadhu!" and much reason that reaches to good grow, but as just a meta-topic what's actually the primary base, good to give occassion to raise not only awareness for good grow ...
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What's the role of mother-day in regard of a blessed life?

Being broad celebrated mothers-day today, my person thought to give this question space so that many might share reflections on it and pissible give others good inspirations: What role does a day ...
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Monday question: Letting go of duties for a higher sake right?

Supposed one has to work, yet comes across the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, stops suddenly to follow his duties, and scarifies all (possible his job) to give into the Jewels, what does one think, bad Kamma ...
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Is it proper to teach Dhamma to someone wearing a hat?

or when wearing one oneself? (The question might be worthy to copy also in your meta-section... for possible increase of general respect toward the Gems and enviroment for providing such, since else ...
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Buddhist monks give advice for lay life

Would you say that it is appropriate for a monk to give advice to the laity in how to live life/dealing with obstacles? Now don't get me wrong, but monks certainly have "safer" environments. They are ...
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Why should one not address a venerable as friend?

Here is a quote from MN 26: One, standing up to greet me, received my robe & bowl. Another spread out a seat. Another set out water for washing my feet. However, they addressed me by name and as '...
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Fathersday - how would a western disciple of the Buddha make use of this fest?

How and why would a "modern" or "western" follower of the Buddhas teaching celebrate this day, and use it to pay gratitude to his father as one of his/here first God and the other three Gods? Maybe ...
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Vesak 2561/2017 TODAY Where in western world can traditional & benefical celebrations be aspected?

Valued Upasaka, Upasika, Dear seeker for way to awakening and readers, Vesak-Pūjā (Birth, Awakening and Paranibbana-Remembering day of the Buddha, (Vesak= Name of the secound month of the luna ...
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