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Are there anything to care about in this universe?

Due to impermanance of everything, Are there anything to be happy or sad about ? Even about dhamma ? If something seems like to be happy, there are some reasons to not to be happy. It is impermanant ...
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Does a Buddha see the heart objectively?

Does a Buddha or arahant like food and is mindful of that liking at all times or does liking just no longer arise? Does the Buddha like or dislike at the heart level and yet sees the heart objectively?...
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Do Arahants experience non-neutral mental vedana?

In terms of the effects of the attainment of arahantship over the arising of feelings (vedana): Do Arahants experience the arising of non-neutral (pleasure or displeasure) mental feelings? ...
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In Dependent Co-Arising, is Dukkha a Sankhara, a Vedana, both, or none?

How should I understand dukkha (in all its amplitude and semantic complexity), if I want to see it through the lens of Dependent Co-Arising? Where is it classified, apart from the final nidana? Is ...
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