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Vajrayāna is also known as Tantric Buddhism, Tantrayāna, Mantrayāna, Secret Mantra, Esoteric Buddhism and the Diamond Way or Thunderbolt Way. According to Vajrayāna scriptures "Vajrayāna" refers to one of three vehicles or routes to enlightenment, the other two being the Hinayāna and Mahayana.

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Transcription of Yamāntaka mantra chanting fragment

I am a total outsider not well-versed in the Buddhist tradition, and apologize in advance if some of the terms/names I'll write are placed out of context or misused. To cut the story short, I am ...
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What path does B. Alan Wallace teach?

I am long time student of Chogyam Trungpa. Unfortunately, the current situation at the sangha (now Shambhala International) is in a state of chaos. I am interested in becoming B. Alan Wallace's ...
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Monkey Year Teaching (Drikung-Kagyu)

My questions concern Monkey Year Teaching held by Kagyu lineage (Great Phowa of Chagtsugma). Is this type of Phowa similar for all Monkey Year Teachings held through the Kagyu lineage? What is the ...
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