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Converting knowledge into wisdom

This question arises from a recent post. There is a related question on the difference between knowledge and wisdom but this is more on how wisdom (insights) can arise from knowledge. The definition ...
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Concentration & Wisdom

Right concentration supports wisdom(panna) if right mindfulness arises? If right mindfulness isn't there then does right concentration support ignorance?
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How to teach sympathy/empathy in Buddhism?

I have been following Buddhism and mindfulness for a while now. I have a 5 year old son and want to teach him to be sympathetic/empathetic and grateful but im struggle to reconcile some of the ...
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Is understanding a practice?

Enlightened people doesn't have any desire, because they see impermanence in everything. All the things are useless to them. To achieve enlightenment , one required to practise deattachment, ...
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How to think deeply and penetrate into its core?

I want to quote my experience as - "True Understanding brings effortless transformation". In my experience I have found that whenever I understand something deeply (ohhh! Moment) it transforms that ...
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Why are Buddhist concepts so difficult?

Why are Buddhist concepts so challenging for people to understand? What do people who understand know that average people don't know? What are some of the barriers to the understanding of Dharma? ...
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