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On personal practice of meditation

During insight meditation no hearing of sound aware and cittarupa disappears like a mirage during meditation seen as no thoughts. Feel like cessation of mind. Is it anicca?thoughts disappear and citta ...
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How Am I not the owner of the mind?

Is it the mind that think mind is owned by itself? Can any one provide insights, techniques, meditations that help me to understand that "mind does not belong to me"? I aware that thoughts are coming ...
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3 answers

How to Know the Knowing of Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta

Anicca, dukkha, anatta. I've listened to plenty of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis talk about these characteristics at length. Take for example anicca. I am asking the same thing about dukkha and anatta. ...
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What is the meaning of the word Dhamma?

Can anyone please explain the meaning of the word Dhamma in the sentence "Sabbe Dhamma Anatta"? Since Anatta is Truth; Am I an instance of Dhamma?
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Is there an anicca→anatta→dukkha description of the three marks?

That is to say, I only remember of the pattern of anicca→dukkha→anatta (that which is impermanent and unsatisfactory cannot be considered Self, to paraphrase) in the suttas. Is there an argument that ...
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'Dukkha': What is the difference between 'suffering' & 'unsatisfactoriness'?

In Buddhism, the English words 'suffering' & 'unsatisfactoriness' are often used as translations of the Pali word 'dukkha'. What is the difference between 'suffering' & 'unsatisfactoriness'?
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11 answers

How can you see suffering in the breath?

In his book Breath by Breath, Larry Rosenberg says that being mindful of the breath, as in the Anapanasati Sutta, is a complete practice and can lead to complete liberation. Following on from that I ...
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3 answers

What are signs of the three marks of existence?

What are some signs that one might be seeing the three characteristics with more clarity or depth? What might represent that one is having a new and more profound experience of impermanence, dukkha or ...
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4 answers

Am I "fooling" myself?

As I practice more and more on seeing life as Dukkha, something interesting happens. I feel a greater sense of gratitude and contentment. I am not talking about seeing things as they are directly ...
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3 answers

Can Buddha Damma be reduced to Paticca Samuppada?

Can the teaching be reduced to Paticca Samuppada? Has lord Buddha preached so in any Sutta? During vipassana meditation, the practitioner focuses on impermanence, dissatisfaction and non-self. After ...
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4 answers

Does the saṅ­kha­ta­lak­kha­ṇa of dukkha apply to the noble path?

Dukkha is usually clarified as an intrinsic characteristic of everything conditioned and to be as such a direct derivative of the characteristic of impermanence. Does this also apply to the noble ...