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Questions tagged [texts]

A broad term referring to canonical, commentary or scriptural compositions of any tradition.

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source of put fence & plant seeds & pull weed simile (for avoid bad & do good & purify the mind)?

I heard the famous Dhammapada's 183: “Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one’s mind, this is the teaching of the Buddhas.” tractated metaphorically as what one needs to do to have a ...
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Ceremony of the air and it's translation?

When did the words "ceremony of the air" first come into Buddhism or/and translation? What are the various interpretations of these words?
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Bhaviveka and Buddhism

The Wikipedia article entitled "Buddhist influences on Advaita Vedanta" states: A few Buddhist scholars made the opposite criticism in the medieval era toward their Buddhist opponents. In ...
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Clarification on a different notion of Prince Rahula's parentage said to be in Mahayana buddhism

If we refer to Buddhist literature there are several versions of the same story. It differs between the branches Theravada and Mahayana and even within one branch the interpretation varies. Recently ...
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