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What does Buddhism teach regarding Cyber-Bullying? [duplicate]

Refer to this chart about the Cyber Bully, it causes a huge spike of cyber bully over a recent decade due to social media. It's seem getting more and more serious. source about cyberbully What does ...
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Right Livelihood and Working in Technical Support

Currently, I work at home taking calls for tech support for a cable company. I work to help solve customers' issues as best as possible over the phone and send a technician if need be. The one thing I ...
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Monk wanting to upgrade technology

If there have been donations for technology upgrades... Is it possible for someone to ask an abbott exactly what he wants donated funds to be used for? To ask the what specific items he could use?
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Do monks HAVE to accept anything offered to them?

Does a theravada abbott have to accept everything / anything that is offered to them? I'm referencing technology, things beyond requisites. I know it is important for abbotts to set a good example ...
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Cutting Computer in Evening

I have recently managed to restrict my eating period to about 8h per day, which is supposed to help circadian rhythm. Yet, to further promote sleep and circadian rhythm, I should also cut out blue ...
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How to reconcile non-attachment in a Type-A, North American culture where work is life?

I've been meditating on-and-off for years. However, the non-attachment preached by the Buddha conflicts with the environment around me. I'm in a large urban center in North America. Achievement is ...
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Is there any AI that teach the Dhamma?

Are there any Artificial Intelligence applications that can teach the Dhamma that are already out there or are still being developed? What can these AI apps do with Buddhism? How can they facilitate ...
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