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A type of literary composition in of varying length. In Buddhism this mostly refers to canonical texts. Sutras is a Sanskrit term however the Pali term sutta is often used by certain traditions. The two terms are equivalent.

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All kammas have to be experienced or not?

It's said that some kammas are not to be experienced, some kammas have to be experienced. Not all kammas have to be experienced. For example Angulimala story, the bad vipaka of killing many people ...
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Are you familiar with a particular AN or SN sutta on bowing?

There is a sutta AN or SN, I believe, I read months ago that discussed about a kingsman who wanted to give respect to the Buddha by bowing but couldn't because he would lose a good job, family, and ...
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Sutta Opening Verse

I have noticed most Sutta (Mahayana) have this opening verse. What is the story behind of it? Is all Sutta have this opening verse? Is that compulsory having it, say if it's for Mahayana?
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what is Mahaggataṃ citam? is it related to out of body experience?

the typical translation of Mahaggataṃ citam is , exalted , or expanded mind? and in MN 127...two types of cetovimutti described. (1)mahaggatā cetovimutti (expanded freedom of mind) it related to ...
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Where are the most common places to find Pali/Buddhism Anki decks in 2021?

Anki, is by far the most popular "spaced repetition tool" to enable long term retention of learned material in 2021. It does so using a scheduling algorithm which prompts the user to recall ...
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