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Can Meditation lead to Suicide?

Background - My sister's son did not work at all in his life and has been taking anti-depressants for many years now. My sister must be very sad and worried about him constantly, but she never talked ...
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Is self-mummification considered same as Nirvana?

Sokushinbutsu Sokushinbutsu (即身仏) are a kind of Buddhist mummy. In Japan, the term refers to the practice of Buddhist monks observing asceticism to the point of death and entering mummification while ...
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A Peaceful Suicide of Old Age and with Critical Illnesses

Human is subject to very short life span, sickness and death according to Buddhism Cosmology. Suicide is somehow wrong livelihood in Buddhism. If one very old age and with the issues below. Diagnose ...
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How does one effectively understand & navigate through the suicide cases found in the canon?

There's a question regarding the Dhamma that I really wish to rectify and clear up with you and that's regarding the suicide cases of Channa, Vakkali and Godhika - When I first came across these cases,...
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Is Buddhist practice a form of suicide?

I don't presume to understand Buddhism very well, but I'm trying to increase my understanding of the Dhamma, so please don't take what I write the wrong way. I'm not being disrespectful, because even ...
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Can a being be stuck in an endless cycle of depression and suicides?

Can a being be ignorant and depressed due to ignorance and commits suicide and is then reborn ignorant and depressed still and commits suicide again and again and so on indefinitely...? If so, is ...
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Is the existence of life & teaching Dhamma a form of attachment?

I read the following comment on the internet (reference): By existing you are attached to this reality. If I die then I won't exist according to Buddhism. Therefore I won't be attached to reality. ...
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Is it wrong to wish you could die?

I'm so over life. I'm nearly 50 and I feel worn down by everything. The struggle to make sense of it, to find purpose and meaning, to make lasting friendships, to feel I belong somewhere, to survive ...
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Is suicide similar to Nibbana?

I read a comment on this forum, which said: why do you even need to work hard attain Nibbana? Why not just commit suicide when things get tough? This comment gives me the impression the writer ...
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Buddhism on suicide

I want to know how suicide is viewed in Buddhism. I know that it is not viewed positively, but I want to know why. Is it because it brings grief to others? Is that the only reason? Or there is ...
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How is rebirth to be understood?

I have some questions regarding this Buddhadhasa text saying there is no rebirth in Buddhism. Is rebirth not what enlightenment is supposed to bring an end to? Is there no rebirth because rebirth is ...
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Doctor assisted suicide - does doctor break the first precept?

Doctor assisted suicide - a hot potato in the western countries these days. Although this is a kind of suicide, the patient is fully awake and living human being in contrast to a patient in life ...
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Arahants and suicide

I'm aware of a story in the Pali Canon where a monk commited suicide by slitting his throat and achieved arahantship at the moment of death. Where in the texts can i find this story? Thank you for ...
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Buddhist Equivalent to Prayopavesa (resolving to die through fasting) [duplicate]

In Hinduism, when a person is old, bed-ridden and fulfilled all their obligations, they are able to fast to death to end their life. This is called prayopavesa and is an acceptable practice in India. ...
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Role of suicide in the context of Dalai Lama's birthday and inevitable deathday

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recently celebrated his 80th birthday! I've read that he is very conscious of the fact that after his death, there will be much turmoil, and it's something he thinks ...
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Why is life so important?

When asking around, I've never heard anyone agree that a young, healthy person should end their life by suicide. But I also don't know what reason there is for that consensus. Did Buddha teach ...
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Apocarteresis in Buddhism

Apocarteresis is a form of suicide where a person stops taking food and/or water. Now, I want to make it very clear that I have no intention of committing suicide anytime soon. However, as the ...
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What is the story where some of the Buddha's followers commit suicide?

There is a Buddhist story when some monks (or followers of the Buddha) misinterpret what the Buddha is saying and commit suicide. Does anyone know anymore details about the story and where it comes ...
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When meditation goes wrong

Although it has been claimed that meditation does help in several ways, I have read on the Internet that there are cases where psychotic episodes, schizophrenia and suicide tendencies arise after ...
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Can a stream enterer commit suicide?

There was an incident in the 50s, a monk named Ñāṇavīra Thera commited suicide, he was believed to be a stream enterer and was suffering from amoebiasis. So I'm curious to know, if someone knows for ...
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Secular Buddhism and Suicide

I have a limited understanding of Buddhism, but let me first explain my perspective. More traditionally, Buddhism is concerned with achieving enlightenment and ending the rebirth process. From a more ...
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Is self-immolation an ethical act?

The image of the Buddhist Monk Thich Quang Duc committing suicide by self-immolation is a hugely iconic image of the 20th century. But bearing in mind the first precept against taking life, can this ...
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