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Why did Buddha continue jhāna after enlightenment?

Can you tell me why Buddha used to go in different levels of absorption/ jhāna/musing even after nirvana for reference Mahā Parinibbāna Sutta (DN 16) and An 3.63 venaga sutta?
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Who is the artist that painted the '9 Stages of Samatha Meditation' painting?

The following Tibetan Buddhist (thangka) painting is a visual representation of the 9 Stages (~11 stages) of Samatha meditation. Who painted it?
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Am I falling asleep or am I deepening my concentration?

I use the Tara mantra as my focus during Samatha meditation prior to beginning Vipassana but lately I am beginning to I falling asleep? I can't tell, really. I don't get drowsy but my ...
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How to experience Anatta

Is it during deep meditation when the mind is completely stilled that one experiences anatta? Is the conviction in anatta gradual or abrupt? This question would be connected to the 4 stages of ...
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Where can one find guidance from a teacher next year in 2018?

Where on Earth or online are future retreats or classes for an insight practitioner to get Dhamma guidance and/or guidance through some version of the stages of insight meditation? Are there teachers ...
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