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In Buddhism, a sotāpanna (Pali), srotāpanna (Sanskrit; Chinese: 入流; pinyin: rùliú, Tibetan: རྒྱན་ཞུགས, Wylie: rgyun zhugs[1]), "stream-winner",[2] or "stream-entrant"[3] is a person who has seen the Dharma and consequently, has dropped the first three fetters (saŋyojana) that bind a being to rebirth, namely self-view (sakkāya-ditthi), clinging to rites and rituals (sīlabbata-parāmāsa), and skeptical doubt (vicikicchā).

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In how far does/could one hurt himself by giving?

Beings are act-ually stingy because they think or argue, that when giving this, it will hurt be, be of disadvantage for me. Now, what does the Buddha mean by advicing to give when it does not harm ...

Someone making sacrifices outside the Sangha of Savakas, can such be expected as follower?

If people, maintaining a Buddhist identity, are good, they do whatever sacrifices of which they expect benefit or where they feel touched. Now, when a person gives outside the Savaka-Sangha, outside ...