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Why no ghosts, Yakkhas, devas and spirits in the modern times?

This might be a more theoretical question than a directly practical one. I routinely see creatures of different realms approaching humans in the texts. and not just to enlightened ones like Buddha and ...
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If the 6 realms are states of the mind, are Buddhas / Siddhas miracles real?

Hello, I understand that the six realms can be interpreted as states of the mind. But at the same time I believe in Yidam yoga, not only as symbolic but as a real emanation too - I have devotion. If ...
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If you are reborn into a different realm, does that mean you just live in that realm, or you are reborn as the inhabitants?

When Buddhist texts mention "realms of rebirth", it sounds like you are only living in those realms and not actually becoming one of the inhabitants. Like for example being reborn into the ...
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Are mosquito nets "cheating"?

I saw many monks sit in the nets, what is the point of meditating in the forest if one cant handle the forest? Might as well just stay indoors imo. Did the ancient monks use nets? what do you think? I ...
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What's the ordering of 6 realms of rebirth?

I've just started learning Buddhism, and currently investigating 6 realms of rebirth. What confuses me is that it seems different sources give inconsistent ordering of the realms. For example, in the ...
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Different interpretations of the 6 realms

What are the psychological and metaphorical interpretations of the 6 realms and why are they significant to some Buddhists but not others?
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Realms : About a certain Deva's concubine's rebirth?

I have heard a story in which a concubine of a certain Deva died while she was with him and other concubines of him in a park. She was born as a human in next life but she remembered who she was in ...
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What are the "realms" or "planes of existence"?

Various suttas mention various 'planes' or 'levels' or 'realms' of existence; for example: The Thirty-one Planes of Existence Scattered throughout the suttas are references to as many as thirty-one ...
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The Buddha who knew there were 31 realm but didn't mention anything about a round earth

Why didn't the Buddha, who knew there were 31 realms of existence, not talk about the roundness of the earth and planets?
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If science can't prove the existence of other dimensions forever

Should I believe what is said in the Buddhist text instead? Even though I can't prove it myself either.
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In Pure Land Buddhism, what realm do the pure lands belong to? Are they outside of the usual six realms?

Do the pure lands belong to heaven realms? Or a completely different realm from the normal six realms?
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