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source of put fence & plant seeds & pull weed simile (for avoid bad & do good & purify the mind)?

I heard the famous Dhammapada's 183: “Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one’s mind, this is the teaching of the Buddhas.” tractated metaphorically as what one needs to do to have a ...
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What does "has students" and "has teacher" mean in this sutta?

In this question, we found the metaphorical use of the term "the world", different from its ordinary everyday meaning. Similarly, the sutta SN 35.151 below talks about living the holy life ...
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Please help me to better understand the simile of the turner for the first part of the anapanasati instructions

Can anyone post a video of what a "bhamakāro" from ancient India would be doing? If not, can anyone explain very clearly what we are talking about in terms of the tool that would have been ...
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Similes of Attainment

Though to the extent of my admittedly scarce knowledge, decapitation as a simile for some level of attainment is not to be found in the Pali Canon, but I bet the Zen tradition offers countless koans ...
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Sutta with firefly simile

What is the sutta that uses the following metaphor? Firefly(Samsaric being) jumps into candlelight seeking a pleasure(Tanha), not knowing(Avijja) that the candlelight will burn the firefly to ...
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what similes buddha gave for removing defilments

Would be interested to hear all similes about removing the difilments step by step What i vaguely remember is a simile about purifying gold - and maybe there was one on purifying silver ?
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