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Any praise of shred-paramis by the Sublime Budddha?

What does one know or think: Is there any praise of shred-parami (perfections in appearing modest) by the Sublime Buddha, such as in out-fit, outwardly appearing, using of such stuff, and if why? If ...
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Meaning in pancasila benefit

I am Buddhism from Thailand. I have question about pali meaning. In ceremony, we have swear to make to follow five rulses of pancasila. Monk told us what pancasila consist of. Then monk said in pali. ...
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Does one usually "need" to earn a living, or does on usually "want" to earn a living?

...and why? Is the a case where one would neither need nor want? What's (or would be) a "trade" purified on one or both sides and it's quality, effect, if given into? That of one pulling one ...
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How are Noble Ones harmed?

I read the following on the internet: It all started by harming the Noble ones. How can Noble Ones be harmed? Does the Buddha's Noble Path lead to increased susceptibility to being harmed?
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Does the Buddha have any practices for groups and societies that would lead society to less suffering, prosperity, not decay?

Actually from another question before, but since all are part of certain communities here, good to work out seperate: "Does the Buddha have any practices for groups and societies that would lead ...
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Proper to let trade carry liberation, even possible?

No question that it isn't proper to let trades for world carry Dhamma, share Dhamma via market places, but what does one think in regard of receiving? Would Dhamma made avaliable by commerce take one ...
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Monday question: Letting go of duties for a higher sake right?

Supposed one has to work, yet comes across the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, stops suddenly to follow his duties, and scarifies all (possible his job) to give into the Jewels, what does one think, bad Kamma ...
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