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Did Lord Buddha teach a meditation technique called Shunya to close disciples?

I recently heard from an Indian Guru that Lord Buddha taught a meditation technique called Shoonya to his closest disciples. Is there any technique like that or resembling it which is mentioned in the ...
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Logic of Emptiness still unconvincing. Please help explain

I've been a practitioner of Vipassana and Mahamudra for 2 years now. One thing quite bothering me is various explanations from different teachers on emptiness logically disturbing... Usually, it goes ...
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Pure Perception

I've read here, that: As Dza Patrul Rinpoche candidly says (AKC 15): Ritual sessions four times a day without the generation and completion stages, pounding drums and clashing cymbals without ...
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How can all dharmas have no intrinsic reality logically speaking?

There Can Only Be Two Types of Realities(Dharmas): 1.Conditioned Reality: Any reality that depends on something for its existence. For example, a Cow depends on its organs, the organs depend on cells, ...
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