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3 answers

Non-sentient beings and sentient beings

At first I want to say sorry for my English, as it is my second language. My questions: Can non-sentient beings reach nirvana? Can non-sentient beings be reborn? Can sentient beings be reborn as non-...
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5 votes
6 answers

Why do enlightened beings want to save sentient beings? Does everyone want to be saved?

Does enlightenment always comes with compassion so that all enlightened beings aspire to save sentient beings from sufferings? Or is the question 'why' only showing that I am using my discriminating ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Unintentionally killing insects when playing sports and running

I jog everyday and teach children how to play basketball. There are some insects on the path where I jog and on the basketball court, and I’m sure we unintentionally kill a few of them. We live in a ...
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Sentience, killing, & extremes?

The Buddha always said killing, no matter the circumstance, is always unskillful & leads to negative Rebirths. In no recorded instance did he approve of killing any living being at all. When ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Which consciousness/es are involved in meta-congnition (thinking about thinking)?

Which consciousness/es are involved in meta-congnition (thinking about thinking)? And can the skandhas exist without them? I'm asking because I'm interested in whether animals without metacognition ...
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5 answers

Does a fertlized pigeon egg have life in it?

I got pigeon eggs in my big balcony - in different places - some of them get abandoned by the pigeons. At what time by Buddhism are the eggs considered a sentient being ?
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