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Secular Buddhism and Suicide

I have a limited understanding of Buddhism, but let me first explain my perspective. More traditionally, Buddhism is concerned with achieving enlightenment and ending the rebirth process. From a more ...
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Justifying the Four Noble Truths without rebirth [duplicate]

In the article entitled A Secular Evaluation of Rebirth, Doug Smith, of the Secular Buddhist Association, wrote: It is for reasons such as these that any contemporary, scientifically informed ...
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Does DN2 and MN36 provide an irrefutable statement on the fact of rebirth?

Some Secular Buddhists and some members of Buddhism.SE do not accept that "Rebirth has always been a central teaching in the Buddhist tradition" (according to Thanissaro Bhikkhu in this essay). They ...
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What do secular Buddhists say about Nirvana?

What is 'secular Buddhism', and what does it say about Nirvana?
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Questions to deniers of traditional view on Rebirth

1. If there's no rebirth, what happens after death of a non-arahant? Does a new life ensue dependent on the one which has just ended? 2. Rebirth is tightly connected with kamma. a) Do you observe ...
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Parinibbāna in secular Buddhism

I take it that an important claim of secular Buddhism is that the Buddha never actually taught literal rebirth. What happens during parinibbāna according to secular Buddhism? How is it different from ...
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Are there canonical texts for secular Buddhism?

Does secular Buddhism have a set of texts that are particularly relevant to it. I can imagine that there are texts that won't have any relevance to secular Buddhists such as the twin miracles. But are ...
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If consciousness is a Reification, how does a Buddha attain the Truth?

'Reification' is making something real, bringing something into being or making something concrete. The Pali suttas say about the relationship between consciousness and wisdom/enlightenment: ...
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What would be the secular interpretation for the Assu Sutta and the Mata Sutta?

How would Secular Buddhists and other Buddhists who reject rebirth, interpret the following suttas, which describe: An ocean of tears? Everyone being someone we have know in the past? From Assu ...
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Secularized Buddhism

I've been reading some of Stephen Batchelor's ideas, and find them quite interesting. Does anyone have references to further reading of secularized Buddhist ideas and literature?
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Where can I get Buddha's teachings of the Dharma practice?

I've tried several Buddhist traditions (Zen, Diamond Way) and none of it really worked for me. So now I intend to give it another try, but in a way, which is tailored to my personality. This time I ...
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