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Sāriputta (Pali) or Sanskrit Śāriputra was one of two chief male disciples of Gautama Buddha along with Moggallāna, counterparts to the bhikkhunis Khema and Uppalavanna, his two chief female disciples. He became an arhat renowned for his teaching and is depicted in the Theravada tradition as one of the most important disciples of the Buddha.

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Which sutta is it in which Sariputta asks his disciples .. friend if someone asks, is the world eternal

I remember reading once, disciples of Sariputta were going out into the world and he ask them the question: "Friend what if someone ask you is the world eternal or is not eternal". Then his passed his ...
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What does venerable Sariputta mean by "dwelling withdrawn"?

In Bhikkhu Bodhi's "In the Buddha's Words", venerable Sariputta gives a discourse on "The Conditions for Wisdom", which contains eight causes and conditions for obtaining wisdom. He says, Having ...
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Who should we regard as role models?

When practicing the Dhamma there are many exemplary characters found in Buddhist texts who are worthy of emulation,I want to know whether it would be right for a layman to regard an Arahant Bhikkuni ...
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