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Can anyone explain Sanskara / Sankara in depth?

Can someone provide a canonical explanation to Sanskara/Sankara? I appreciate if you can provide some sources, Suttras/Suttas so that I can expand my knowledge.
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What is the true meaning of Kaya Sankhara, Vaci Sankhara and Citta Sankhara

I am trying to find a right description of the word Sankhara in dependent origination which includes Kaya Sankhara, Vaci Sankhara and Citta Sankhara. I have not been able to understand what they mean. ...
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Are all of the five aggregates saṅkhāras?

Are the five aggregates all saṅkhāras -- are they impermanent and dependently originated? I guess that "perceptions" and "feelings" are perhaps dependent on sensual contact. Is there anything else ...
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How should the terms 'kaya, vaci & citta sankhara' be translated?

In MN 44 is found an explanation of the terms 'kaya, vaci & citta sankhara' (which are terms also found in Anapanasati steps 4, 7 & 8 and in the 2nd nidana of Dependent Origination). Bhikkhu ...
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Removing sankharas

Can someone please explain to me in clear laymans terms exactly the steps to working with and removing sankharas because I think I have a lot. I have been meditating for 6 years and basically just ...
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How can I accept losing control of my mind and will?

After some reflection, I've noticed many of my mental hangups / dispositions (sankhara) were formed due to a deep seated fear of losing control over my mind / volition. Examples that come to mind ...
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Two interpretations of the three levels of suffering, Dukkha Sutta and Tibetan

There's a wrinkle in the teachings about the three levels of suffering. The Pali Canon, in SN 38.14 -- Dukkha Sutta -- has it thus (leaving things uninterpreted for the moment): the suffering of pain ...
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What is the difference between papanca and sankhara, and in particular citta-sankhara?

While contemplating both terms I could not find a difference between mental elaboration and mental fabrication. Aren't they one and the same?
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7 answers

Is understanding a phenomenon?

Buddha says all phenomenon are nonself. If understanding is a phenomenon then my understanding of Dhamma will fade away and I will again fall into ignorance. So my question is: is understanding a ...
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Which word is more suitable for describing reality?

There can be different kinds of reality. Reality as experienced by dogs, cats, elephants, lions, pigs, snakes, humans, gods, maras or reality as experienced in hell or reality as experienced in heaven ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Stiffness in body during vipassana

I am undergoing a strange period during vipassana meditation (sn goenka guruji tradition). When I am scanning my body there is an extreme stiffness that travels almost throughout the body as my ...
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4 answers

What is the proper translation of 'sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā'?

In this excellent answer giving an in depth explanation of the various uses of sankhata in various suttas, the first usage is explained as 'conditioned things' based upon the famous phrase, "...
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Does AN 3.47 refer to only single standalone sankhara?

This question concerns the proper understanding of AN 3.47: “Mendicants, conditioned phenomena have these three characteristics. What three? Arising is evident, vanishing is evident, and change while ...
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Why is there something instead of nothing?

Why is there something instead of nothing? Why there are clothes , why food , why shelter , why surprise , why anger , why love , why disgust , why father , why mother , why child, why atom , why ...
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