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The Buddhist practice of calming the mind through practices such as mindfulness of breathing and other one pointed practice's. Contrast to Vipassana.

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Who is the artist that painted the '9 Stages of Samatha Meditation' painting?

The following Tibetan Buddhist (thangka) painting is a visual representation of the 9 Stages (~11 stages) of Samatha meditation. Who painted it?
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Samatha meditation continuation problem / lose urge to continue

I am seeking advice on Samatha meditation. Time to time, I get strong urge to do Samatha meditation. So, I start with a combination of Maithree, Anapanasati and Vipassana meditation to cut down five ...
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Is the tranquil mind vipassana; assessing before consciousness; and dualized self?

I read the following on the internet: Vipassana, the tranquil mind, is the core. When emotions arise, the tranquil mind observes and assesses before the conscious is involved. The tranquil mind will ...
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