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Questions tagged [right-view]

Element of the eightfold path relating to wisdom as a correct understanding of how things are. This element gives direction and potency to the other seven elements of the path.

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In how far does involvement in certain undertaking effects one, good or bad?

In how far does one take part on skilfull or unskilfull undertaking? In how far does one receives the fruits of good or bad actions by means of getting involved by toughts, signs and deeds, by ...
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Any praise of shred-paramis by the Sublime Budddha?

What does one know or think: Is there any praise of shred-parami (perfections in appearing modest) by the Sublime Buddha, such as in out-fit, outwardly appearing, using of such stuff, and if why? If ...
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What fruits can a poor servant of Mara and his host expect?

Say one has gravely fallen into slavehood by consuming 'free' and, almost unaware, is driven to steal and pull the Gems and it's heritage, into this evil bound. Almost unaware and deluded, he even ...
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What's the effect of association with outcasts?

Even if out of "compassion", what's the effect of association with outcasts, even appear as "family-member" of such? What's the effect of being related to those who are actually turned over the bowl? ...
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Worry about life, body, health: obstacle for Arahataphala?

Is worry about life, body health, e.g. householding, status-maintaining, obstacles for Arahataphala? Is this in accordance with what the Teacher taught? And why is such an obstacle? Would one ...
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Does the Buddha have any practices for groups and societies that would lead society to less suffering, prosperity, not decay?

Actually from another question before, but since all are part of certain communities here, good to work out seperate: "Does the Buddha have any practices for groups and societies that would lead ...
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