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Element of the eightfold path relating to wise states of mind, including non-greed, non-anger, and non-delusion.

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How do you decide when to stick up for yourself and when to let things go?

I'm trying to apply Buddhist principles to the way I lead my life, but right now I'm struggling with an issue. In short, the problem is that someone caused damage to our home and refuses to ...
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Euthanasia and Buddhism

The first precept makes it clear that we should refrain from killing. However let's say you have an animal (or worse, a human) who is going to die anyway (say from being attacked by another animal, ...
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What is the importance of intention in Buddhism?

Do any scriptures discuss the importance of intention? Why is intention rather than action important?
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What is Right Action for a Buddhist regarding talking about personal success?

In this question a comment stated in part "The old sense of transferring merit had to do with mudita, you tell other people about your success so that other people can be happy about that. Being ...
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What is the proper way to foster generosity and gratitude?

I can see how generosity and gratitude are important as means to foster right resolve. But what if someone do good things sometimes due a sense of obligation, but also cause much harm to you? For ...
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Harmlessness to non-sentient nature and can consciousness (pure awareness) exist?

Buddhism teaches us to practice harmlessness. Would it be considered harmless to go around destroying non-'sentient' parts of nature? Can consciousness, particularly the pure awareness aspect, reside ...
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Does any/every form of lying violate the precept of "not-lying"?

What if one thought it wiser to tell a lie, because the truth could potentially endanger one's own life? For instance, someone might lie that they believe in a supreme being, in reply to a question ...
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Xin Ling Fa Men 心灵法门 - New "Buddhism"?

I've seen Master Lu live, i noticed this but not all agreed and their services are everywhere in the town So, i visited few temples and many of their members to understand more about this and the ...
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Planting without soil & harm ideas: giving inspiration, motivation

My person thought of motivating, encouraging each other in supporting the foundation for meditation, complete Sila incl. right livelihood, if bound to house-life, viewing on the aspects of, planting ...
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Helpful: Is an idea of being helpful, such an intent, a secure attribut of skilful action?

Helpful: Is an idea of being helpful, such an intent, a secure attribut of skilful action? Can intention of being helpful be very unskilful? Thinking on mercy-killing, or taking away dirt, which in ...
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