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4 answers

Types of Concentration?

My field of perception is very wide. It often becomes so wide that it loops back onto itself in some odd kaleidoscopic fashion. This has rendered my previous methods of concentration unhelpful. ...
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How do you master (control) your mind with Buddhism?

I'm a Hindu and don't know much about Buddhism. Many people say that Buddhism is the art of cultivating the mind, which I feel includes methods to control and discipline the mind. I have poor control ...
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Is Right Concentration equivalent to the Four Jhanas?

Point 8 of the Noble Eightfold Path is "Right Concentration". According to Wikipedia and at least some of the (Theravada-leaning) books I have read, with Right Concentration the Buddha meant ...
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What exacly is the so-called "formless" jhana?

When reading the suttas, sometimes I come across to the expressions: "dimension of the infinitude of space", "dimension of the infinitude of consciousness", "dimension of nothingness" and "dimension ...
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Concentration with no object?

The Buddha often makes this requests on his monks, "incline your mind towards Nibbana" Does this mean concentration with no object? As far as I can ascertain, concentration with no object ...
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4 answers

After right concentration, how does right view change?

After right concentration, how does right view change? Do you become completely convinced by right view, or was that already the case? Is right view in some other sense more pervasive? Or is it just ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Guidance in practical aspects of buddhism and meditation

I read a course entitled ' Meditation without exertion' which was purportedly based on Tibetan teachings and methods. It discussed methods of developing concentration and imagination leading to ...
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Among 9 jhanas which is deep sleep?

Please provide suttas I plan to do a meditation until I can achieve the same experience as my deep sleep but I don't know whether it's the first jhana or even cessation of feeling and perception or ...
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2 answers

The Buddha's struggle with the first absorption

I need help reading the footnotes from the following passage in the book Satipatthana, and finding the suttas which they reference. in one instance at least, the Upakkilesa Sutta, the Buddha gave ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there such a thing as Excessive Concentration?

Is there such a thing ? My guess is things like OCD etc. are extremes of concentration. Yuttadhammo Bhikku, for example, alludes to this excess concentration in some of his videos (I couldn't find ...
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Am I falling asleep or am I deepening my concentration?

I use the Tara mantra as my focus during Samatha meditation prior to beginning Vipassana but lately I am beginning to I falling asleep? I can't tell, really. I don't get drowsy but my ...
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Right effort and concentration

I was reading about the noble eightfold path and Right effort, thought and concentration, they seem to be very similar. What are the differences?
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2 answers

Concentration & Wisdom

Right concentration supports wisdom(panna) if right mindfulness arises? If right mindfulness isn't there then does right concentration support ignorance?
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Wise reflection on Dhamma with momentary concentration, without meditation

In the essay entitled "The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest" by Ven. Nyanaponika, he wrote: Not only the meditative absorptions but also lesser degrees of mental concentration are ...
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