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6 votes
4 answers

Types of Concentration?

My field of perception is very wide. It often becomes so wide that it loops back onto itself in some odd kaleidoscopic fashion. This has rendered my previous methods of concentration unhelpful. ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How do you master (control) your mind with Buddhism?

I'm a Hindu and don't know much about Buddhism. Many people say that Buddhism is the art of cultivating the mind, which I feel includes methods to control and discipline the mind. I have poor control ...
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4 votes
13 answers

What exacly is the so-called "formless" jhana?

When reading the suttas, sometimes I come across to the expressions: "dimension of the infinitude of space", "dimension of the infinitude of consciousness", "dimension of nothingness" and "dimension ...
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The Buddha's struggle with the first absorption

I need help reading the footnotes from the following passage in the book Satipatthana, and finding the suttas which they reference. in one instance at least, the Upakkilesa Sutta, the Buddha gave ...
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