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Is identifying with the good always a problem?

When a person or a group of people identify themselves with "the good" (in opposition to "not so good" or even "the evil" of others), quite often this can lead to "...
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Is it possible to have perception without reification?

Sometimes some visual or auditory sense perception gives the taste of no-self. Like, the ego dissolves for a moment and you feel tremendous oneness with existence. For e.g. while looking at the sunset ...
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8 answers

At what point do we arrest reification?

Further to my last question on reification, I want to know the specificity of the application. Gathering from the answers; ...reifications are overcome by questioning them. and Start by watching ...
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How can I change my perception to overcome reification?

Reification is a way of conceptualization or objectification or mental modeling through which we form ideas, beliefs, and make an understanding of our surroundings. However, I saw a youtube video ...
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