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The coming into existence of another being based on conditions arising from a previous existence. This is commonly confused with reincarnation. Reincarnation is the passing of a soul or spirit into a new body. Buddhism denies the concept of a soul, spirit or permanent self therefore in Buddhism rebirth occurs but there is no-one who is reborn.

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Is it valid or "correct" for one to be concerned with future rebirths or is this a form of clinging to self

Should a person be concerned or worried where they ("I") will be reborn? Also in which way would or could a sotappana be concerned with future existence/rebirth, when he would have already ...
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Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms?

Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms? Presuably, if we are reborn there. But there is no matter in the formless realms, so my crazy hypothesis for how my mental stream can reoccur ...
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Enlightened beings (Amitabha, Padmasambhava) created mantras so that people chanting them can gradually 'mould' their mindstream to a similar state

This is how I understand it and I'd like some clarity on where I'm right/wrong. Rebirth/the next birth happens when the mindstream, attracted to particular situations because of its mental imprints , '...
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How did the original mental event arise according to Dharmakīrti's argument for rebirth?

This answer on Reddit gave a basic outline of Dharmakīrti's argument for rebirth in the form of a syllogism: Matter and consciousness are metaphysically different, their characteristics and nature ...
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If you are reborn into a different realm, does that mean you just live in that realm, or you are reborn as the inhabitants?

When Buddhist texts mention "realms of rebirth", it sounds like you are only living in those realms and not actually becoming one of the inhabitants. Like for example being reborn into the ...
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What's the effect of living on alms (social services) and not doing duties, being unrestrained?

Would it be similar like the destiny for monks? It's said that one living on alms, not doing his duties (foremost sense-restrain) but enjoys sensual pleasures increases his debts: e.g. poorness, ...
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Definite places of rebirth (request of sources from Buddhas sutras)

I'm looking for sources from the 4 nikayas on where, and how to "attain" a defined place of rebirth. Examples I know of: Heinous actions lead to definite hell realm rebirth Reaching ...
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If the Tathagata exists after death, is there anyone to witness it?

This is different from asking, "does the Tathagata exist after death? or not? or both? or neither?"
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