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Implementing the Satipatthana Sutta IRL [HELP]

I want to put this book to practise and use in real life. I want to be able to apply this book in three ways: (Reading Analayo's version) a. How can I practise a specific part of the SS when I'm ...
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Does the material, make, physical properties of a Mala/Rosary matter? Is there more to it than just a counting device?

I have a 108 bead mala (Rudraksh) which I use to chant a single mantra. I also have another bodhi seed mala which I use to chant a different mantra. I've always wondered what the difference was ...
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Māgha Pūjā, traditional celebrating and todays

Not only as a reminder today, on Māgha Pūjā, it is possible of interest to know more about "Buddhist" secound large Pūjā and it would be interesting to get known different traditional customs (of ...
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