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What is the proper name for the Myanmar temple in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon?

I am looking for the proper/correct spelling of the Buddhist Temple structure in Yangon, Myanmar. I have seen two names and I think they are both referencing the same place. The names are: Shwedagon ...
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Going on a Budhist Pilgrimage and Want to Make it as Focused as Possible on the Buddha's Teachings [closed]

I'm headed to India (and Lumbini in Nepal) in some months for a pilgrimage. This isn't a tourist trip. I want to make this trip as spiritually relevant as possible. Any sort of advice, tips, guidance ...
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Wish to Circumambulate around Mt. Kailash

I wish to circumambulate around Mount Kailash on foot. This is roughly 33 miles of mountaineous terrain. Many people do this for spiritual reasons, i.e circumambulate once to wash away your sins, ...
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Do any Buddhist traditions emphasize pilgrimage?

I'm aware that other religions such as Islam have a great emphasis on pilgrimage. Do any Buddhist schools or traditions also have an emphasis on pilgrimage and if so where do they go? I know that ...
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Has any pilgrimage customs formed in North America?

In Asia there are the 8 pilgrimage locations based on places the historical Buddha did things. Has any North American Buddhist organization, sangha, or the like created a list of pilgrimage ...
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