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What exactly is a Desire? [duplicate]

What exactly is the anatomy of a Desire and why does it have such a potent effect on our psyche and life? Is it a thought of wanting something we don't have, but then we have so many thoughts about so ...
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Is suchness, tathata, as a concept always something in addition to phenomena?

Is suchness, tathata, as a concept always something in addition to phenomena? If not, when we talk about the suchness of phenomena we could mean what they are like, the qualitative experience of a ...
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If the self is scientifically measured, what is the Buddhist view on this?

The concept of self is important in social psychology: self-concept, self-esteem, self-control, self-awareness, etc. As a science, these concepts are measured under scientific methods, and there are ...
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Does it matter if the mind is neurologically originated or not?

For example, in this answer, we find Buddhists insisting that the mind is not a "byproduct" of the brain, i.e. the mind does not arise neurologically in the brain. By neurology, I mean that according ...
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Tonglen - Exchanging Self and Other - Intersubjectivity

Dear friends, looking for parallels between the practice of Tonglen, and the Husserlian notion of Intersubjectivity, I have come upon this research paper by Natalie Depraz, Phd. Quoting from the ...
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Broken kapala as a sign of what?

It was said in a book by my spiritual master that 'breaking unloyalty to one's spiritual master is worse than breaking a kapala', of which I deduce that breaking a kapala is a really bad sign. Is ...
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Does Buddhism view mind phenomena as chemical or as supernatural?

I was once again challenged by my scientific friends: who say that all mind phenomena is just chemical reaction! My question is, how does Buddhist philosophy view this question? I'm leaning towards ...
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What is a phenomenological perspective?

I have seen in answers on this site (about consciousness in connection with rebirth) that Theravada adhere to a phenomenological perspective on consciousness. Can anyone explain for me what it means ...
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Can the substantiality of phenomena ever be conclusively ruled out through Buddhist practice?

I can see how one can develop, through one's practice, a very high degree of confidence in the truth of emptiness through inferring from the conditioned nature of phenomena, their impermanence, their ...
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What is the difference between Vijñāna, Manas and Citta?

Together they refer to one's mental processes as a whole. Separately, what are they and how are they different?
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