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Questions tagged [personal-practice]

Questions containing or motivated by some aspect of personal experience. The experience can be during formal Buddhist practice or during everyday activity however the experience will be related to Buddhist practice or doctrine. The questions will necessarily have a subjective quality however the question or answers will contain references to Buddhist scripture, doctrine or an established teacher.

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Practical steps in sense restraint

Right Effort in the Noble 8 fold path has 4 components, the first being the prevention of the arising of unarisen unwholesome states. I've found in Bhikhu Bodhi's 'The noble eightfold path: Way to the ...
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Eyes moving upwards - mild lights - sense of space - pleasure

Hello Beautiful People, I have a quick question. After years of meditating with a mixture of Mahasi and Goenka style, I would like to ask the following. Very often when I sit to mediate, it is a ...
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Wise reflection on Dhamma with momentary concentration, without meditation

In the essay entitled "The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest" by Ven. Nyanaponika, he wrote: Not only the meditative absorptions but also lesser degrees of mental concentration are ...
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Understanding Rūparāgo and Arūparāgo

In the Theravada tradition, the fetters model makes reference to rūparāgo and arūparāgo found in the higher fetters. I've never been a jhana follower, but I can clearly recognise that the rupa jhanas ...
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