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4 answers

How can I change my perception to overcome reification?

Reification is a way of conceptualization or objectification or mental modeling through which we form ideas, beliefs, and make an understanding of our surroundings. However, I saw a youtube video ...
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Difference between "perception" and "view"?

What is the difference between view (as in "right view" in the Noble Eightfold Path) and perception (as in the 3rd of the five Skandha's)? Grateful for help! Peace, Tord
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2 votes
4 answers

What buddhism says about physical reality?

I had a discussion with one of my friend, who said, there's no such thing as physical reality, as per Lord Buddha. He quoted "The universe only exists inside this small body". As per my ...
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7 answers

Death and nibbana

If no thing transmigrates, and nibbana is cessation, Is a perception of death - a perception of cessation, then akin to a perception of nibbana?
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In the Dependent Origination formula, shouldn't perception precede craving instead of feeling?

In the paticcasamuppada's formulation of the twelve nidanas, vedana precedes tanha. As far as I currently understand, vedana is just the physiological and psychological -and involuntary- response (...
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Is perception discriminative thinking?

Is perception discriminative thinking? I got the term from the lankavatara sutra, but I think it appears in zen a bit, and I wondered if it means only one type of consciousness, perhaps the 6th or 7th,...
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