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Waiting vs Acting?

What does Buddhism say about waiting vs acting? For some context, I quit my corporate job a year ago because it felt so much against my skin to be working for aggressive profit. Since then I have ...
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How can I talk to my mother (who idle-chatters) without getting angry?

Specifically with my mother. I talk with her on the phone and when we have already talked for a while, say half an hour, she keeps talking and bringing new pointless futile topics and expanding on ...
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How do I let go the ownership of the mind?

If someone offense me on physical things like "You are not beautiful, You are poor, You are not smart", I can bear it. Actually I don't care much. But, If someone offense me on my thoughts like "You ...
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Kakacūpama Sutta and Mistress Vedehika

I'm not sure sure if this is opinion based or not but my question is. is it fair to judge Vedehika, poorly (and does the sutta really do this). It seems like she was pushed to the breaking point (...
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How to develop patience?

I want to know how can I develop patience? What Buddha said on this? And also what is the reason of being impatient?
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Dealing with Anger and Criticism

I noticed I sometimes feel anger when someone treats me unjustly, or criticizes me or one of my works. I know Buddhism advises waiting, or not acting upon anger. However, every time someone irritates ...
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What does Buddhism say about pragmatic retribution?

I'd really like to buy into the ideas of understanding and patience even for those who hurt us. However my concern is that sometimes failing to engage in the tit-for-tat teaches that there are no ...
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Did lord buddha preach not to get angry even if a leg is cut?

Has lord Buddha preached not to get angry even if limbs are cut if you are a real follower of me? If so, please quote from the relevant sutta
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If someone insults you what should you do?

There is a famous story of such an encounter between the Buddha and a ‘difficult person’ named Akkosina. Akkosina’s name means “Not Getting Angry” but he was the exact opposite of his name. Akkosina ...
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What does Buddhism say about how to manage other people's anger?

What does Buddhism say about how to manage other people's anger? Does Buddhism suggest any specific attitude when we are facing angry people, especially when they are unable to control their anger and/...
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Dispelling anger

When anger swells up and rears its head I wish to be rid of it quickly. For a moment of anger is said to burn a mountain of merit. In my personal practice I have gotten quite adapt at controlling ...
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What is the relationship between patience and kindness?

I was just reading some of the commentarial literature in the Pali Canon and it occurred to me that there seems to be some kind of relationship between patience and kindness that I don't fully ...
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