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2 answers

Can concentration and wisdom be developed exclusively from each other?

Can you develop Samadhi (concentration) and Pañña (wisdom) exclusively from one another (according to the suttas)? I am under the impression that a meditator cannot develop one without developing the ...
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4 answers

What is panna? Is it permanent?

Because panna (wisdom) is the understanding of anicca, dukkha and anatta, it leads to the cessation of ignorance, greed and aversion and therefore to Nirvana. Now Nirvana or the state of being ...
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6 answers

Threefold division of noble eightfold path

Right view is the first step in noble eight-fold path as mentioned in many answers here. Right view Right resolve Right speech Right action Right livelihood Right effort Right mindfulness Right ...
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Does Krishnamurti claim of No Path, No Progress, No Goal fit with Buddhist thought?

Quoted below is an article posted on BuddhaNet Magazine relating Krishnamurti's philosophy with Buddhism. The writer relates Krishnamurti's view that there is "no "path", no procedures, no ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Anicca (when and how?)

The Buddha put high emphasize on Anicca and thus it shouldn't be dismissed. Now my question: When should one remind oneself of the transience of all phenomena? I doubt in every occassion. If I for ...
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Samatha Only Wisdom

Can we gain wisdom(panna or prajna) with only one pointed concentration on a concept? I've heard it said that it takes mindfulness on "what actually is" instead of a concept that doesn't exist. ...
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What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom in the Buddha's teaching?

What is the Pali/Sanskrit term(s) for 'intelligence'? Is there another word(s) in Pali/Sanskrit for 'wisdom'? I hear 'intellect', 'intelligence' and 'wisdom' used interchangeably, is this correct? ...
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