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6 votes
2 answers

What are the requirements or preconditions for someone to ordain?

Can a person ordain at any age? Can he or she have children? In a nutshell, what are the things that will not allow someone to ordain?
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3 answers

Can someone explain about children monks?

I've seen pictures online of young children dressed in monks robes in Buddhist countries. Does someone make the decision on behalf of the child that they will become a monk? Do they eat only one meal ...
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2 answers

Do you need both parents' permission to become ordained?

Do you need both parents' permission to become ordained? What if one of the parents refuses contact? Should you strive for it?
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21 votes
4 answers

Strong desire to serve/ordain

every meditator at a point in his her life goes through a dilemma of whether to ordain or to live a lay life. Although it's a wholesome disposition, I wonder if its a lack of strength to face problems ...
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How to help non-Buddhists understand a young person's desire to be ordained as a monk?

Many non-Buddhists do not understand the appeal or the benefits of becoming a monk. They may not be able to understand why one would want to live such a simple life, and they may not take the decision ...
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How to ordain and become a monk?

I want to devote my life to Buddhist way of meditation, I want to know more of Buddha teaching but my main interest is for go day and night actual meditation practices. I accidentally come across Sri ...
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Can I ordain if i have psoriasis?

Is one able to be ordained if they have psoriasis? It's similar to eczema but not identical? Will this vary depending on where you go to ordain? Thank you.
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Ordination procedure in Theravada Buddhism - What are grievous crimes?

I read in this answer that if one wants to become a Bhikkhu then "He must never have committed any grievous crimes". What could examples of grievous crimes be? What if crimes where committed many ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Can one with eczema become a monk?

According to this site, one of the questions asked at ordination is "do you have eczema?" to which the reply must be "No, Venerable" in order to ordain. Is this accurate? Is it the case the one with ...
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What is the visa process for ordaining foreigner monks in Sri Lanka?

I heard that the monk candidates outside of Sri Lanka have to make two trips to Sri Lanka in order to get an extended visa. I would prefer just making one trip to Sri Lanka(in the future) being enough ...
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How to ordain as a Theravada monk?

What is the most prominent way to ordain as a monk? Like who's involved, and how to contact the respective person to ordain?
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