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7 votes
4 answers

Can Buddhist marry non Buddhist?

I have relationship with non Buddhist, and we both thinking seriously about marriage. My family could not accept him because he is not Buddhist. But as I learned so far , Buddhism teach us to love and ...
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What is non-buddhism? [closed]

I've been off and on following the writings Glenn Wallis, et al. I am honestly bemused at what they are driving at. I don't mind that there are critical of something about various parts of modern ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Explain consciousness (viññāna) to non-Buddhists

Problem In discussions on Buddhist term consciousness (viññāna) with non-Buddhists, it's imperative to start with talking about life in general because---to my understanding---life after all is the ...
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How did ancient Indian Buddhists describe causation vs correlation? Why were they concerned with this?

An important compendium of the ancient Indian philosophical schools - called Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha - was written in India in 14th century CE by Madhvacharya (a non-Buddhist Indian Philosopher) who ...
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How do I prevent non-buddhists from going against fourth precept?

As we know fourth precept is the one precept that the Bodhisatta has never said to have broken since he started cultivating Paramita. When I need to prevent a Buddhist person form lying, I state the ...
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Tolerance – Buddhist in Countries with a Non-Buddhist Majority

Each religion has their own values and its – compulsory or recommended – rules. Tolerance begins where the rulings of the religions differ. To what extent should a Buddhist follow the rules of a ...
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