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Nirvāṇa (Sanskrit: निर्वाण; Pali: निब्बान nibbāna ; Prakrit: णिव्वाण) literally means "blown out", as in a candle. In the Buddhist context nirvana refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been extinguished.

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How can there be Happiness without suffering?

I always thought that in order to be light, darkness must exist, in order for us to appreciate a beautiful sunshine, rainy days must exist, for a food to be good, bad food must exist and so on, if you ...
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Are "Saya Asadharana Nana" part of Nibbana?

Buddha's knowledge or Wisdom which cannot be achieved by his disciples comprises six kinds. They are called the Saya Asadharana Nana. Did the Buddha attain them at the same moment he attained Nibbana?...
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What are the differences between "Nirvana" in Buddhism and "Moksha" in Hinduism?

A few days ago, I came across an article on Buddhism primarily about "Nirvana." After I read the article, I started to wonder because "Nirvana" sounds similar to Hinduism's "Moksha." Does anyone ...
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Where does a person go after attaining Nirvana?

After attaining Nirvana, what happens to the person(conscious) after death? Does the person cease to exist? If not, does the person go to some peaceful place?
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Is Nirvana the goal for all Buddhist?

If I understand it correctly, Nirvana is the liberation from the endless cycle of rebirth, thereby terminating all sufferings. Is Nirvana a goal which every Buddhist must achieve? Is there any other ...
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If Dalai Lama is enlightened, why he keeps coming back?

Assuming the result of enlightenment is attainment of Nirvana, and assuming Dalai Lama is enlightened, why does he keep on getting reborn? Could it mean that Nirvana means something else, for example ...
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Which of the following statements about Nibbana/Nirvana are true?

A) Nibbana is the destruction of the defilements. B) Nibbana is merely the destruction of defilements. C) Nibbana is an existing reality that is subjected to the mind totally free of defilements. D) ...
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Is it easiest to pursue/attain Nirvana as a human?

Is earth the ideal condition to achieve Nirvana; advanced enough for a being to discover and teach the universal truth of reality but not so advanced that beings won't care enough to strive for it?
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Is there any extreme of physical pain that a fully enlightened person would find unpleasant on any level?

In other words, by not conceptualizing sensations of physical pain, do fully enlightened people still experience unpleasantness and simply not label it as such, or is the experience fundamentally ...
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So many Buddhist schools!

Why does Buddhism have so many variations, like Zen, Nembutsu, True world, Nichiren Buddhism, etc.? Why is Buddhist philosophy not uniform?
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2 answers

Does enlightenment mean achieving purity?

Usually, the word enlightenment is not directly understandable; a newcomer might understand incorrectly. In the Visuddhimagga (Path to Purification, p. 6), Nibbana is illustrated as follows: "...
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Nibbāna in The Progress of Insight

I was wondering if anyone could help to clearly explain the phenomenology of what happens in this passage from Mahasi's The Progress of Insight, specifically the bolded section: 12. Insight Leading ...
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Is it harmful to the Buddha when we request he or she to continue teaching instead of entering parinirvana?

One of the ten things that Bodhisattva Samathabhadra says that a person on the Bodhisattva path should do is to request the Buddhas to continuing teaching instead of entering parinirvana. Given that a ...
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What is required to achieve Nirvana in Buddhism?

Nirvana is considered by many religions the pinnacle to strive for. What do I need to do to achieve Nirvana? Are there different perceptions of the requirements held by different sects?
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