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Questions tagged [nagarjuna]

Buddhist philosopher (ca. 150–250 CE) considered to be the founder of the Madhyamaka school of Mahāyāna Buddhism. Also credited with developing the philosophy of the Prajñāpāramitā (Perfection of Wisdom) sūtras. Reputed to have recovered the these sutras from the nagas or snake-people.

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8 answers

Does reality exist?

Does reality exist? Carlo Rovelli (a famous theoretical physicist) doesn't think so and he cites Nagarjuna as believing the same: Rovelli has a different idea. He says reality doesn’t exist. The ...
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How to reconcile emptiness with dependent origination?

Already in the dedicatory verses of the MMK, Nagarjuna tells us that there is no origination or cessation of any kind. There is no arising whatsoever. I understand that this absence of arisen things ...
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Has anyone read Nagarjuna as claiming only that an effect is never its cause?

Has anyone read Nagarjuna as claiming only that an effect can never be conceived of as its cause? I'm asking because it would neatly fit my own views on how to understand science, as well as I think ...
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