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Publication of written texts involving the dhamma

I have bought in my life many works written by the Dalai Lama. I know that as a monk, he forgoes material possessions. Yet, I recognize money is still being made with those texts, from the editors and ...
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Should we pay for buddhist teachings or retreats? [duplicate]

Good evening everyone. I am a newcomer to buddhism, although i have been reflecting on and practicing many concepts very much ressembling to buddhism for a decade. I understand that monks and nuns ...
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Lending a friend money,and not getting it back

Last year ,I lent a friend alot of money ,he convinced me that he lost his wallet and needed money for certain payment,promising that he will return it after 3 month,he payed some of it then delayed ...
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What is the relationship between dana and tax?

Is dana (or has it ever been) considered taxable in some countries?
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Is working too much (for money) a form of indulgence?

I have a tendency to take up many job opportunities for the sake of earning money beyond what is necessary. Can working too much for monetary gain be considered a form of indulgence that leads to the ...
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Historical writings on the importance and efficacy of burning joss paper?

I was walking through a Taipei grocery/department store a few years ago and saw shelves with packs of "paper money" or joss paper to be used for burning. For the bank-note varieties were three choices;...
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Can effective altruism (specifically Earning to Give) and Buddhism co-exist if Earning to Give was done to the extreme?

(This may be more of a philosophy stack exchange question; feel free to move it. Actually, the example I give below is probably off topic or something since it's the real meat and potatoes of the ...
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Money to monasteries

Is it right for a monastery or a temple to take money donations, having donation boxes and selling a lot of different things to worship or get luck from? Or shouldn't a monastery use money just like ...
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Are non-Theravada monks allowed to eat after noon, and to use money?

What's the history behind this? I am assuming non-Theravada monks eat after noon, and use money. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm not wrong, why do the sects differ in this manner?
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Should Buddhist teachers get rich?

In recent years in "Western" culture, teachings derived from Buddhist practices have been increasingly common. These teachings are often of a secular nature and are about compassion, meditation and ...
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