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Money to monasteries

Is it right for a monastery or a temple to take money donations, having donation boxes and selling a lot of different things to worship or get luck from? Or shouldn't a monastery use money just like ...
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Monastery or Temple in California

Hope you all doing excellent! Would like to know if there's any monastery or Theravada temple in San Francisco, OC or LA? I know there's one in Redwood Valley, but it's a lil too far off. Pls share, ...
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How is a Theravada Buddhist monastery established?

There is no Theravada monastery in the country I live in. I just read a short brief about lay people going together and forming a forest monastery in Norway, and was wondering about how a monastery is ...'s user avatar
4 votes
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Renunciation and Negative Mysticism (Escaping from ones Dharma)

May All Beings be Truly Happy! Is it possible that one can see that everything they have tried has failed, in a worldly sense, and has brought about suffering for themselves and others: has been ...
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Does using or watching YouTube break a bhikkhu's rules?

Would using YouTube or other social media, where one is exposed to music or forced advertising/entertainment, be breaking the rules for monks? "the watching of entertainments are stumbling blocks" ...
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