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Reference to Questions of King Milinda in Progress of Insight, Chapter 12

In Mahasi Sayadaws "Progress of Insight", Chapter 12. Insight Leading to emergence (vutthanagamini-vipassana-ñana), a reference is made to Milindapañha. Also in the Questions of King Milinda it is ...
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What is the Origin and History of Milindapanha?

What is the Origin and History of Milindapanha? When was it 1st written? How did evolve over time? What are the notable changes to it if any? Since when was it in the current form?
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Doing evil knowingly and unknowingly

In the Milindapanha, Nagasena points out to king Milinda that doing evil knowingly accrues lesser demerit than doing evil unknowingly. Does the Buddha make the same statement anywhere in the Suttas? ...
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