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What is the difference between 'compassion' and 'pity'?

This page of Dhamma Lists includes, Four Brahma-viharas (Highest Attitudes/Emotions) Heavenly or sublime abodes (best home). Near enemy is a quality that can masquerade as the original, but is ...
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How to view people with metta and karuna?

There are definitions of metta and karuna here: What are metta and karuna? There's a metta-bhavana meditation. I'm wondering how to practice these socially, though, e.g. as a lay person when talking ...
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Jhana Explaination [duplicate]

Namo Buddhaya! Can someone please SIMPLY explain the EIGHT Jhanas, specifically: 1) What are Jhanas meant to do & why would one want to achieve them? 2) How does one specifically achieve ...
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Conceptual reality, mettā, ignorance

According to some commentaries/abhidhamma, all unwholesome states are rooted in ignorance; that ignorance is, according to Pa Auk Sayadaw, the ignorance that sees things as concepts, e.g., a man a ...
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How can I become less affected by politics?

since I started my buddhist practice some five years ago, I have made great advancements. I think I've become much more accepting and loving towards others. I used to be cynical and arrogant and I ...
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How does metta sutra develop loving kindness

Metta sutra says "May all living beings be happy minded." This seems illogical to me as all living beings cannot be happy minded at a particular moment of time. I also feel that contemplating on ...
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What's the role of altruism in Buddhism?

In discussions about how to translate words such as averena (a negation of some quality), I've seen two general kinds of answer: or the compound word is not just the negation of the suffix, but its ...
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Can loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy be developed through Vipassana meditation?

As far as I understand, Vipassana meditation trains attention and equanimity. Which makes sense because you are basically doing body scans all the time and remaining equanimous to bodily sensations, ...
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I have some metta problem

I have personal problems with the metta practice. I would say may I/you be happy and I would go in this wish fulfilment mode. Imagining myself and others happy would create a jinni in the bottle ...
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What is the view of Buddhism in correcting others' view in spite of their willingness to accept it?

I have these questions: If an enlightened mind sees that helping someone is beneficial to them, then would they do it even when the helped doesn't proactively ask? If they are hated by the helped, ...
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Does this statement by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu conflict with traditional mettā meditation?

I'm a beginner and I'm studying (and trying to practice) both meditation on breathing and mettā meditation, and in the book Anapanasati by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, which i'm following with some initial ...
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Different approaches to Metta Meditation

I'm interested in learning more about Metta Meditation, and wondering if there are different approaches to this style of meditation. I understand that the history of this practice is quite long, and ...
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How can one avoid the suffering after getting cheated?

Today I suffered severe disappointment because I thought I was cheated some amount of money. I couldn't complain to anyone because I had no proof. And I suspect those who cheated me will also cheat ...
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References on Rupa and Arupa Jhana through Brahma Vihara

I am looking for freely available resource on achievement of Jhana through Brahmavihara. What are such references? Also I would like to dig deeper into what Bhanthe Vimalasiri has written on the ...
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